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About Us

FAMOS Medizintechnik Vertriebs GmbH is the German subsidiary of FAMOS bv and was founded in 1992 in Straelen / Germany.


FAMOS GmbH develops, produces and sells a wide range of sterilization & monitoring products as well as documentation & traceability products.

Over the years FAMOS GmbH has gained a lot of experience and product knowlegde which made the company well established.

Its products are being marketed and sold worldwide through

a distributor network in more than 40 countries nowadays.

Straelen Germany

​사업자명: 그린에버메디신

​사업자번호: 307-12-91443

+82. 51. 980. 0318

부산시 부산진구 부전로 29 KT&G 부산진지사 5층

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