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About Us

E.C.S. s.r.l., leader in the production of packaging materials and systems for the control of the sterilization process, is the only Italian company manufacturing a full range of products for the packaging and the sterilization validation by means of chemical indicators, biological control and adhesive tapes.

E.C.S. s.r.l., thanks to its long experience in the field of sterilization, organizes conferences and training courses addressed to health care providers and operators of the sterilization processes.

E.C.S. s.r.l. does not just provide its products to Italian hospitals but it currently exports to many countries inside and outside Europe, becoming the official supplier of the main hospital and dental distributors.



Airuno (LC) - ITALY

​사업자명: 그린에버메디신

​사업자번호: 307-12-91443

+82. 51. 980. 0318

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